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Steve Gillen wanted to provide the finest Old and New World Wines to complement his delectable chocolates.

Our new world selection includes  only the finest wines from Texas but also from the West Coast such as California, Washington and Oregon. Internationally we have included Italy, Chili, Australia, Portugal and Span just to name a few! We  accumulated all from what we believe to be the finest growers and makers from around the world. Below are a couple great examples of who we are working with and providing at our store. Below are 2 examples of our selection.

 So, Get to Blanco, Texas and experience Gillen’s Candies and Wine for yourself!

Lewis Estate Vineyard

In Spring of 2014 we planted our estate vineyard with three Portuguese varieties: Touriga Nacional , Tinto Cão and Arinto, and two French varieties: Alicanté Bouschet and Tannat.  We chose these vines for their quick ripening time, and ability to handle our hot climate.

Our philosophy is to cultivate our vineyard for top-quality fruit, while respectfully caring for the land that supports it.  We rely mostly on compost teas, nutrient drips and cover crops to build healthy soil and combat depletion.  Each vine is tended by hand and will be touched anywhere from 4-6 times per year, depending on the weather and vigor of the plants, not including netting and harvest.  With just under 10 acres of vines, that’s no small feat for our team.

In 2016 we pulled just enough fruit to produce the small-lot 2016 Estate Rosé.  Our vineyard continues to mature each year!

Balboa Winery

Located in the world-renowned Walla Walla Valley appellation, Beresan has 27 acres of estate vineyards that we carefully manage to produce premium fruit, and in turn, great wine. The geologic distinctiveness of our vineyards, combined with fine winemaking, is reflected in the unique character of our exclusive, limited production wines.
Tom Waliser, Owner
Thomas Waliser was born and raised in Walla Walla Valley and grew up on the family farm. After completing college at the University of Portland, Tom returned to the region and had a career as a horticultural consultant for 15 years in the apple industry. In 1991, he expanded his farming interests into wine grapes by farming Pepper Bridge Vineyards, followed by Seven Hills West Vineyards in 1994. With his characteristic blending of innovation and tradition, Tom continues to farm these prestigious vineyards today, in addition to Beresan’s three vineyards. Tom owns Beresan Winery with his wife Debbie and son.
Tom Glase, Winemaker
Thomas Glase was born and raised on Bainbridge Island and moved to Walla Walla in 1995. Tom joined L’Ecole 41 Winery in ’99 as assistant winemaker, honing his winemaking skills for three years. From vineyard to barrel room, Tom works closely with Tom Waliser to create wines that expertly express the unique character of Beresan’s Estate Vineyards. He is also the owner/ winemaker at Balboa Winery in Walla Walla.