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Welcome to Gillen’s Candies Market

We carry an assortment of consumables and there just isn’t enough room to place them all on the menu!  From Jams, to Cheese to Sweet teas. Steve Gillen has wanted to bring them all to you.  Below are examples of what we provide at Gillen’s Candies in Blanco, Texas. 

Confituras Jams

Confituras was born in the summer of 2010 when, after several years of preserving the local bounty that Austin’s farmers’ markets had to offer, owner Stephanie McClenny was ready to reach out and share her love of preserving in the form of a small jam company. It did not take long for the emerging local food loving community in Austin to recognize and appreciate her commitment to quality, seasonality, and really good jam. Along the way Confituras was awarded the 2011, 2013, 2014, and 2015 Local Hero Awards by the readers of Edible Austin and was also recognized nationally, winning Good Food Awards in 2011 and 2012, 2014, and 2015.

Pure luck Farm and Dairy

Welcome to Pure Luck, our family farm and goat dairy. This is where we make the home of our 100 Nubian and Alpine goats and farm five acres of certified organic land on Barton Creek in Dripping Springs, Texas. We specialize in handmade artisan goat cheese and certified organic culinary herbs. Everything we do is by hand and for the love of doing it!

In 1979, Sara Sweetser bought eleven acres and an old homestead on Barton Creek to raise her daughters, Gitana and Amelia, then four and two years old.  At the time, no one was farming the large, sloping pasture fronting fertile Barton Creek, but the land had been a working tomato farm in the 1930’s.

In 1983, Sara met Denny Bolton, who was working at a local plant nursery.  They fell in love, got married a year later, and had two more daughters, Claire and Hope.  Denny is a third-generation nursery person, a landscaper, a writer, and an organic gardener.  It seemed only natural that they would find a way to work together in business as well as love. Even better – all four girls grew up working the soil and milking goats!

Putting their heads together in 1988, Sara and Denny were one of the first farms in Texas to file the paperwork to be recognized by the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) as a “Certified Organic Farm.” Sara came up with the farm name, saying that it was Pure Luck that it worked!

These days, both cheesemaking and organic farming are alive and thriving at Pure Luck. Delicious and highly respected cheeses are top priority at the cheese plant, while the goats are cared for with kindness and joy. Back on that sloping, fertile field, rows and rows of herbs – interspersed with a stand of flowers or a patch of melons – are soaking up the Texas sun and waiting to be weeded…

Today, Pure Luck splits it’s love right down the middle – digging in the dirt and scooping curd.

Welcome to Dublin Bottling Works,

Home of the world’s best sodas and all made exclusively with pure cane sugar.

Our tiny bottling plant in Dublin, Texas, serves customers throughout the Lone Star State and the entire world. We’ve been bottling sodas for more than 120 years at the oldest soda bottling facility in the State of Texas. Our family-owned company is built on a commitment to quality, hard work and a willingness to do things right.Over the years, Dublin Bottling Works became known for the Kloster family’s commitment to friendly service and quality products, including the distinctive taste of what came to be called “Dublin Dr Pepper” and a host of other fantastic sodas, all made with pure cane sugar. Although Dublin Bottling Works no longer produces Dr Pepper, we maintain a special relationship and legacy that’s rooted in the life and work ethic of W.P. Kloster.

Moonshine Sweet Tea

Hello Friend,

I can still hear my great grand-dad Leo Cob Porter telling our family about how Moonshine Sweet Tea got started. Always brewed in the late evenings – and much sweeter and more robust than other teas – it didn’t take long for his special recipe to earn the title of an ‘outlaw brew’, and the name “Moonshine” was born. Today: with a stripped-down, no frills attitude, Moonshine Sweet Tea is still brewed in the same honest-to-God fashion – one kettle at a time – with the same bold standards that have governed my family name for decades. Crafted with the perfect combination of hand-picked black tea leaves, clean filtered water and 100% pure cane sugar—Moonshine is the original Texas Sweet Tea. From our family to yours, drink and enjoy.

Joele Porter

Gillen’s Candies Private Brand